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Send money to Nepal with HB Money Transfer

The greatest and highest range of Himalayan peaks may be found in Nepal. Above the Himalayas is the nation of Nepal's patriotism. With excellent exchange rates and fee-free money transfers from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe, Switzerland, and the United States to Nepal, HB money transfer is also motivated to offer top-notch services to the people of Nepal.

For online money transfers to Nepal and other foreign countries, HB Money Transfer offers first-rate remittance services at the most competitive exchange rates. To help our customers with cross-border money transfers, we have partnered with internationally recognized money transfer service providers including Checkout, Bambora, Trustly, etc.

Join HB Money Transfer to receive the most affordable rates for transfers to Nepal using the safest and most convenient methods. You may use the best and simplest methods for an online money transfer to Nepal by following a straightforward procedure at HB.

If you're wondering how to send money to Nepal online, just adhere to these simple, quick, secure, and safe steps:

Step 1: Registration

On the HB Money Transfer website, you must first register online using a straightforward sign-up process and submit the required account information.

New users can register quickly and easily thanks to the clear and simple process.

Step 2: Add recipient information

You must enter the receiver's bank account information in order to send money to a recipient in Nepal.

Step 3: Send payment

You can securely transfer money to Nepal online by inputting the required amount after registering and providing the required information.

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How to Send Money to Your Family and Friends in Nepal!

The greatest money transfer services are provided to Nepal by HB Money Transfer.

To meet customer needs for simple money transfers and convenient beneficiary receiving, many remittance solutions have been developed.

Since HB offers clients simple and effective options to send money to Nepal, our customers never have to worry about the methods of money transfer.

Therefore, if you're looking for the finest ways to send money to Nepal, read the following information and choose the simplest approach.

Web-based Transfer

By using your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or any other device that can readily access our portal, you can send money to any location in Nepal through the internet portal at HB Money Transfer's website.


Use the mobile app for HB Money Transfer

To send money to Nepal right away, utilize the HB Money Transfer mobile app. The international money transfer technique has become even more practical for all customers thanks to the smartphone app, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with internet-based solutions.

Bank transfer

Simply register and enter the recipient's account information to use the direct bank transfer method.

Once you've registered, it's simple to send your loved ones the desired amount. HB will transfer the designated sum and make sure the recipient may pick up their cash in the simplest and most practical way possible.

Methods for receiving payment

Your beneficiaries would be able to receive funds from any of the associated bank partners in Nepal using HB Money Transfer.

A Quick Cash Pickup

You can choose our service of rapid cash collection if your recipient or receiver needs the money picked up right away.

By visiting any of the following bank branches, the recipient can pick up money right away thanks to HB's direct connections with several banks around Nepal.

  • Century Commercial Bank Limited Nepal
  • Siddhartha Bank Nepal
  • Global IME Bank

A 16-digit pin code will be given to the recipient via a rapid cash collection option. To pick up cash payments, the recipient must bring the 16-digit pin and the original CNIC to one of our partner institutions.



Phone Wallet

Technology advancements have made regular tasks simpler. With HB Money Transfer, you may now send money right to the mobile wallets of your loved ones.

Bank Transfer

When consumers need to send money to Nepal, HB Money Transfer continues to provide them with the best advantages. Now, your Nepali recipients can withdraw money straight from their bank accounts.

Pay to card

Coming soon!

Our Mission
Our Mission
Send Money to Nepal with HB Money Transfer: Enjoy the Best Transfer Rates

Finding a dependable and affordable money transfer service is essential when sending money to Nepal. HB Money Transfer is your best option for remittances to Nepal that are quick, easy, and secure. HB Money Transfer provides you with the greatest exchange rates and unmatched convenience for sending money to your loved ones thanks to a reputation for dependability and effectiveness.

Why Choose HB Money Transfer?

Choose HB money transfer because:

  1. Exchange rates that are competitive
    At HB Money Transfer, we know how important it is to get the most for your money. To ensure that your transfer reaches its destination with the greatest possible purchasing power, we work to provide the most competitive exchange rates.

  2. Low Transfer Fees
    Money transfers to Nepal shouldn't be prohibitively expensive. You will enjoy minimal transfer fees with HB Money Transfer, enabling you to send more money to your family and friends without being concerned about exorbitant rates.

  3. Fast and Reliable Service
    When you're trying to help your loved ones, time is of the essential. Your money will arrive in Nepal quickly and safely thanks to HB Money Transfer's quick and dependable service.

  4. Wide-ranging Network in Nepal
    Your beneficiaries can quickly collect the payments from any location in the nation thanks to our wide-ranging network of partner banks and payout venues.

  5. User-Friendly Online Platform
    With HB Money Transfer, sending money only requires a few clicks. You can start transfers using our convenient online platform from the convenience of your home, office, or even while you're on the go, saving you time and effort.

  6. Safety and Security
    We take the protection of your financial information and personal data very seriously. You may feel secure knowing that your transactions are safeguarded at every stage thanks to cutting-edge encryption and strong security safeguards.

  7. Excellent Customer Support
    If you have any queries or problems, our devoted customer support team is always available to help. To assure your satisfaction, we work hard to you the best customer service.

Try HB Money Transfer and See the Difference

Don't settle for mediocre money transfer services when HB Money Transfer can provide you with the greatest rates, top-notch service, and absolute dependability. Join the list of happy clients who consistently choose us to send money to Nepal.

Make a big difference in the lives of your loved ones in Nepal by starting your transfers with HB Money Transfer right away. They deserve nothing less.


  • Create an account by downloading our mobile application available on Play Store, iTunes, or website.
  • Complete your profile and upload your identification document issued by local government.
  • Enter your desired amount and delivery method.
  • Enter your receiver’s information.


Now, you are ready to make any transaction at best exchange rates at zero fee with HB Money Transfer.

Through our mobile apps (Android/iOS) and website, you can monitor the status of your transaction(s).

  1. Using App

By selecting the "Track Transfer" option on the Dashboard, you may find out the status of your transaction(s).

  2. Using website

You must first log into your account in order to check the progress of your transaction(s) from the website.

On your dashboard, you may see a list of all transactions and their current status.