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Serving Bangladesh and its thriving people both at home and abroad is a privilege for us. Every Bangladeshi living abroad is able to easily and at the best exchange rates express their love and support to family members back home thanks to our fee-free money transfer services.

Online money transfers to Bangladesh are now more straightforward than ever. We're committed to provide you outstanding exchange rates so that many of our clients can conduct secure online transactions every day. Our ability to provide the best online money transfer services to our valued customers and earn their trust is what makes us strong. The best part is that you may start transferring money right away using your fingertips if you have an online account with HB Money Transfer. utilizing our online site or mobile app, sending money to Bangladesh is simple and convenient utilizing a variety of money transfer methods. We can take care of your needs for direct bank transfers or cash pickup.

The next few actions must be taken in order to send money quickly, conveniently, safely, and securely to Bangladesh online:

Step 1: Join now:

Make an account with HB Money Transfer. It is simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Step 2: Add recipient information:

Include information on the recipient of the money.

Step 3: Send Money:

Complete your transfer securely.

We have a strong commitment to serving our clients. As a result, we offer the best exchange rate and all payout alternatives for international transfers of money to Bangladesh.

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How to Send Money to Your Family and Friends in Bangladesh!

Using our website:

To send money to Bangladesh through our website, please follow these steps:

  • Create an online account with us at . It's hassle-free and really simple.
  • Add information on the Bangladeshi recipient of the funds.
  • Enter your desired transfer amount in the app.
  • Select the available payment gateways to complete the transfer of your funds safely.
  • You're all set! Your funds are immediately transferred to Bangladesh.

Using Our Mobile Application:

Are you rushing? Utilize our Mobile App to send money instantly online to Bangladesh from any location at any time using your smartphone.

  • Download HB Money Transfer Mobile Application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading the app please register on our app.
  • enter your desired amount to send to your family.
  • You may select from various payment methods when sending money to Bangladesh online. We provide simple and suitable procedures for transferring money to your loved ones. With HB, you may send money to Bangladesh:
  • Pay with a debit card, credit card, or bank account, as appropriate.
  • Online transfers to Bangladesh can be made to a recipient's bank account.

Whatever choice is most practical for you, we have you covered.

Methods for Receiving Payment in Bangladesh

Bank Transfer:

We cherish your money and, at all costs, provide a secure transfer. Simply enter the beneficiary's bank account information and your desired transfer amount. We consistently provide cheap rates and impose a small transfer fee. The beneficiary's account will receive the money right away.

Money Pickup:

The recipient will pick up the funds in cash at sites across the country where they are being paid. A receiver only needs to go to the payout location with their original identification documents and a 16-digit PIN code.

Transmit cash via M-Wallet mobile wallet:

HB Money Transfer always aims to improve the customer experience and fulfil its commitments. Customers who send money to Bangladesh can now use the M-Wallet Mobile Wallet to maintain our commitment to providing the best service possible. Use the M-Wallet option to send money to Bangladesh instantly, safely, and securely.

Use the M-Wallet option to send money to Bangladesh instantly, safely, and securely.

Our Mission
Our Mission

HB Money Transfer: A Swift and Secure Solution

At HB Money Transfer, we understand the paramount importance of time, especially when it involves the speed of financial transactions. With our streamlined process and a robust network of partners, we ensure that your money reaches its destination promptly. Bid farewell to prolonged wait times and embrace the convenience of immediate transfers.

Ensuring Top-Notch Security for Your Hard-Earned Funds

When it comes to your finances, safety is our foremost concern. HB Money Transfer prioritizes the security of your transactions. Employing cutting-edge encryption technology and stringent security protocols, we guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your financial information throughout the entire transfer process. Trust us to safeguard your money with the utmost diligence.

Budget-Friendly Transfers with Competitive Exchange Rates

Affordability is a key consideration for many individuals. Understanding the desire to send money abroad without breaking the bank, HB Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates and economical fees. Say farewell to exorbitant charges and welcome a cost-effective solution for all your money transfer needs.

Catering to the Unique Needs of the Bangladeshi Population

HB Money Transfer takes pride in being a business attuned to the specific requirements of the Bangladeshi population. Going beyond expectations, our customer-centric philosophy ensures that we better serve you. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff is available around the clock, ensuring that every step of the process is seamless and hassle-free for you.

The HB Money Transfer Difference: Quick, Secure, and Affordable

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers who have experienced the distinctive advantages of HB Money Transfer. Opt for a service provider that truly aligns with your needs. Whether you're supporting your family back home, engaging in international business, or making foreign investments, our quick, secure, and reasonably priced services are designed to simplify your life.

Choose Excellence: Make a Statement with HB Money Transfer

Refuse to settle for subpar money transfer services. Make a statement with HB Money Transfer and enjoy the comfort, affordability, and reliability you deserve. Discover why Bangladeshis consistently choose us as their preferred money transfer option. Experience the difference today and elevate your financial transactions to a whole new level.