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Send money to India with HB money transfer

Instant money transfers to India are available from many countries and continents, including the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe. With the greatest exchange rates and no fees, you may save money and go farther from home. Keep expanding with your choice of HB money transfer.

Are you trying to figure out how to send money to India the best way possible? A team of experts at HB Money Transfer, an FCA-recognized money transfer operator, ensures that our valued customers receive swift international money transactions. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with competent teams that are totally dedicated to our vision. We take the utmost care with our clients and ensure that there is no room for error on our part. But what distinguishes us from other people? Below is an explanation of the response.

Best Exchange Rate on the Market for Online International Money Transfers to India

Our behavior reflects the reliability of our expert money transfer system. We adhere to our word! Therefore, you may count on us for the easiest money transfers to India. After sending the payment, just unwind by relaxing in your chair. We will handle the remainder of the work necessary to transfer the monies to the beneficiary. We make sure to go above and above to serve you because we cherish your business just as much as you do. We do not mark up any of our exchange rates; they are optimized. All transactions are subject to the separate rates, as provided by the routers.


HB Money Transfer offers the best transfer rates when sending money to India

Finding a reliable and reasonably priced money transfer service is essential when sending money to India. If you want to send money securely and conveniently overseas to India, go no further than HB Money Transfer. HB Money Transfer, which has a strong reputation for dependability and effectiveness, provides you with the greatest exchange rates and unparalleled convenience for sending money to your loved ones.

Transfer Funds to India Using Secure Channels

Every person should be extremely concerned about the security of their money and accounts. We have implemented the most secure systems at HB Money Transfer to protect the privacy of your account information. We value your privacy as a keepsake, and we don't let anyone else intrude. You won't need to worry about any mishaps when using our services because we'll keep your private information safe. By using HB Money Transfer to send money to India, you may save time and money. You won't be unhappy with our services after picking them because they offer the most dependable services, the best exchange rates, the quickest money transfers, and simple processing.


There are several ways to pay when sending money to India

We have preserved a choice of using numerous payment alternatives in our system to make it easier for our consumers.

Money Transfer

Depending on your financial situation, you can make a bank transfer or a cash payout. Within one to three business days, customers can wire or bank transfer money to India. Your transaction will be performed immediately; all you need to do is give us the information for your bank account and the amount to be sent.

Money Pickup

You can select rapid cash pickup if you need to send money urgently to India. The funds can be sent immediately using this facility. To get the required amount of money, the recipient only needs to go to the closest pickup place. HB Money Transfer has you covered with a variety of payout locations and the most dependable money transfer techniques.

Why choose HB money transfer

Choose HB Money Transfer because:

    1 Exchange rates that are competitive

At HB Money Transfer, we recognize the worth of your hard-earned money. Because of this, we always provide the best exchange rates, ensuring that your money sent to India will go further and provide more for your loved ones.

    2 Low Transfer Fees

Remitting funds to India shouldn't be difficult due to excessive fees. With inexpensive transfer fees offered by HB Money Transfer, you may send more money to your family and friends without having to worry about unforeseen costs.

    3 Swift and reliable survives

With your loved ones depending on your support, we understand the need of prompt and dependable service. You can be confident that your money will arrive in India on time and with reliability if you use HB Money Transfer.

    4 Wide Network

HB Money Transfer has a wide network of partner banks and payout sites all throughout India. This implies that your beneficiaries can easily access the funds regardless of where they are in the nation.

    5 User-Friendly Online Platform

Sending money to India is a simple process with the help of HB Money Transfer's user-friendly online platform. You may start transfers in just a few clicks from the convenience of your home or office, saving you a lot of time and work.

    6 Safety and protection

Your financial and personal data protection is our top priority. Your transactions are protected throughout the entire procedure thanks to sophisticated encryption and strong security measures.

    7 Outstanding Customer Support

If you have any questions or problems, our devoted customer support team is always available to help. We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible to meet your every need.

Where to start

With HB Money Transfer, starting a money transfer is easy. Take these simple actions:

   I. Create account

Create an account on our safe website or mobile application to register. Signing up just takes a few seconds.

   II. Identity confirmation

We may need certain information about your identity in order to verify your identity and maintain security in accordance with laws.

   III. Choose India as the Recipient Country

Select India as the recipient nation and enter the essential recipient information.

   IV. Enter amount

Enter the amount you intend to transfer, and we'll show you the current exchange rate and any associated fees.

    V. Follow the Transfer

You may quickly check the status of your transaction using your account or sign up to get email or SMS notifications.

Try HB Money Transfer and See the Difference

Don't accept less when HB Money Transfer offers the greatest prices, top-notch service, and unwavering reliability. Join the countless happy clients that depend on us to send money to India.

Make a big difference in the lives of your loved ones in India by starting your transfers with HB Money Transfer right away. They deserve nothing less.


  • Create an account by downloading our mobile application available on Play Store, iTunes, or website.
  • Complete your profile and upload your identification document issued by local government.
  • Enter your desired amount and delivery method.
  • Enter your receiver’s information.


Now, you are ready to make any transaction at best exchange rates at zero fee with HB Money Transfer.

   1. For App

Open your app, you will find the Check Rate button on the dashboard

By clicking on it, the exchange rate will appear on your screen.

Select sending country and receiving country from the drop-down menu to see the current exchange rates.

2. For Website

To check the best exchange rates, you can visit the home page of our website by using the currency converter calculator available there.