Frequently Ask Questions

1. Create an account by downloading our mobile application available on Play Store, iTunes, or website.
2. Complete your profile and upload your identification document issued by local government.
3. Enter your desired amount and delivery method.
4. Enter your receiver’s information.

Now, you are ready to make any transaction at best exchange rates at zero fee with HB Money Transfer.

Please get in touch with our customer support (support@hbmoneytransfer.com) in case you are not receiving OTP on your Email and having an issue with Login or Signup due to this.

Follow these steps to make your profile through HB Money Transfer Web or mobile application available on the Play Store and App Store.
1. Click on the register button.
2. On signup fill in the required information.
3. Select Sending from a country in the drop-down list.
4. Select Receiving to a country in the drop-down list.
5. Enter Your Email
6. Enter secure Password
7. Enter your Phone Number
8. If you have Referral Code Check the Box (Optional)
9. Click on the Signup Button
10. You will get OPT on your email Address
11. Enter OPT code then Click on the Verify Now button

For your first transaction, you have to provide proof of identification (local government-issued photo ID) i.e. passport, driving license, residence card, or national ID card.

We are going through the era of artificial intelligence where the digital security is at stake. Various cases are now reporting that the due to cyber attack the important information, data and even bank balance is withdrawn without the knowledge of the owner. To cope with these challenges, it is suggested that everyone should have a strong password to secure its personal information from any outside attack. Here are some important guidelines which might be helpful in setting of a strong password.
Feature of Strong Password
1. It should be consisting on at-least 8 character
2. Both uppercase and lowercase letters must be used
3. Mixture of digits and letters
4. Add at least one special character (e.g.! @ # $ % ^ *)
Tips for keeping security of password
1. Never tell to anyone
2. Change it within 6 months
3. Immediately change it if any suspicious activity found
4. Avoid typing in different un-trusted websites

For App
1. Open your app, you will find the Check Rate button on the dashboard
2. By clicking on it, the exchange rate will appear on your screen.
3. Select sending country and receiving country from the drop-down menu to see the current exchange rates.
For Website
To check the best exchange rates, you can visit the home page of our website www.hbmoneytransfer.com by using the currency converter calculator available there.

You can see the various status of your transaction(s):
OK : Your transaction has been forwarded to the payout and it will be credited to your beneficiary’s account
Paid : Your beneficiary has received the transferred amount.
Compliance Hold : There is a need for additional details/documents from the sender to proceed Transaction.
Canceled : The transaction has been auto-canceled or canceled upon the customer’s request.
Incomplete : The Transaction process hasn’t been completed by the user.
In Process : A transaction is being reviewed and the details/documents are being verified for further processing.

You can get assistance regarding any issues/concerns by contacting us via website, in-app chat (iOS/Android) or email address support@hbmoneytransfer.com

By Using a Mobile App
1. Login in to your account.
2. Go to settings.
3. Click on refer a friend option.
4. Click on the share option. Here you will get a Referral URL.
5. Share it with your loved ones overseas.
By Using Website
1. Login in to your account.
2. Click on the Right corner option named to invite a friend.
3. Fill in the required information of the person who wants to be referred.
4. By using these options, you will send a link to invite your friend and family. By doing this refer and the referee will be given a reward from HB Money Transfer.